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Installing a playground in your school but don’t know what you need to do to ensure it’s accessible and inclusive? You’ve come to the right place.

The focus of this article will be on what an inclusive playground is and the key principles of design you should follow when planning one, what to include in an inclusive playground and how the experts at Kidzspace can assist you.

What is an Inclusive Playground?

An inclusive playground is one that has elements for children of all abilities. There are several key design principles to consider when planning and designing an inclusive playground. This includes:


Children want a fair playground. This means a playground that has activities for children of all abilities. So too, there should be opportunities for social interaction with everyone (regardless of disability) so it’s an even playing field for everyone.


Whatever equipment is installed needs to be appropriate for the child’s age group and abilities. It should be “smart” enough to engage them on their level and make them feel included.


An inclusive playground can afford a child with a disability the opportunity to be active.


An inclusive playground means the children using the equipment or space need to feel comfortable in their environment. They should not feel excluded or ostracised in any way, so multiple zones may be an option for different ages and abilities.

Independence & Safety

Inclusive playgrounds give children a sense of independence and safety. They should be able to use the provided equipment with limited or no assistance from adults where possible.

What to Include in an Inclusive Playground

Planning an inclusive playground means understanding that everyone has different needs. No two disabilities are the same, so you should be aware of that and make the necessary accommodations. Consider including:

– ramps and walking pathways
– soft play surfaces or rubber matting
– sensory equipment for those who need a break or are overwhelmed in crowds
– additional seating
– multiple entrances and wider spaces around equipment for improved layout
– provisions for those with vision impairment
– wayfinding signage
– access to toilets
– flat surfaces for mobility equipment

How Kidzspace Can Help

For over 40 years, the team at Kidzspace has specialised in play equipment and playgrounds for schools that children love.

Regardless of budget or individual requirements, our design team has the knowledge and capabilities to provide you with the right option for your school.

Need help designing an inclusive playground? Speak to the team at Kidzspace today. 

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