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About Kidzspace

It’s been almost 30 years since our playgrounds were first introduced to the kids of the world. Since then playgrounds have evolved through extensive research and development.

Safety is Paramount

Our playgrounds are designed to provide kids with their own little havens to play and grow with their friends. A place where they can play safely and creatively interact with other kids in ways that provide for healthy growth in mind and body, using their imagination with physical activity.

Our inspirational designs are carefully researched to target specific developmental needs of kids of varying age and skills groups to enhance and encourage healthy activity. We think of our playgrounds as… playgrounds with purpose. We are proud of the fact that we provide the best value for money to our customers, using highly efficient management systems to ensure we maintain our low overheads.

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Kidzspace Cares

Quality control is critical to us and essential for you, as is strength and durability. All of our equipment is manufactured to the highest Australian and International Standards. Our parent company imports around 300 containers into Australia every year, so we know we are providing you with the most cost-effective delivery and installation of your playground equipment, using reliable and well-established suppliers.

As well as our extensive range of playground equipment we also provide purpose-built solutions for Outdoor Fitness, Gym Equipment and Flooring.

Client Testimonials

Mark Lajdes - Owner

“We would love to thank and highly recommend Kidzspace their playgrounds are of great value & quality. The service we received was fantastic!”

Ashley Neilson - Interior Designer

“I would recommend Kidzspace for anybody considering indoor playgrounds. Our playground was customised to suit our budget and clientele.”

Brad Crane - Owner

“We give it a 10/10. We are thoroughly impressed with the whole project. The whole transaction was very smooth and the job was done in a timely and professional manner.”

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