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Thinking of installing play equipment in your school but want to be certain of the advantages of doing so?

In this article, we’ll discuss the many benefits of play equipment in schools (from mental and physical health to creativity and more),  and how the team at Kidzspace can help with design and installation.

Advantages of Playgrounds in Schools

There are a multitude of benefits to designing and installing a playground on your school campus. In this section, we’ll discuss some  of the most common:

Improves Physical & Mental Health

Research suggests that having playground equipment in schools increases both a child’s physical and mental health.

Not only are they using their muscles and getting fresh air running around outside, they also get a much needed break from a full day spent exercising their brain in the classroom. And they return to the classroom after lunch having burnt up that excess energy they’ve accumulated sitting all morning.

Encourages Attendance

It may sound silly but when children have something they love at school (even if it’s just the playground and socialising with friends), they’re more likely to want to come.

Some schools have reported that after installing a fully-functional playground, they saw an increase in student attendance, which is a good thing for everyone, if you ask us!

Foster Creativity & Imaginative Play

By using play equipment in schools, children are able to create stories and imaginative play in ways children don’t always feel the freedom to do in their lessons or learning.

Creativity and imaginative play is a key part of a child’s growth and development, so the more opportunities you have to allow them to explore this, the better.

Develops Social Skills

One of the main areas children are able to improve their social skills is when they play. And they are helped to do this when congregating around fun, engaging school playground equipment.

Improves Learning

Research suggests that children who are active on a regular basis have an increased commitment to learning and focus. This helps them improve their grades and retention.

Meets Developmental Goals

Having children meet their developmental goals when they should is a huge part of growing up. Play equipment in schools is proven to improve:
– critical thinking
– gross and fine motor skills
– hand and eye coordination

How Kidzspace Can Help

For over 40 years, the team at Kidzspace has specialised in play equipment and playgrounds for schools that children love.

Regardless of budget or individual requirements, our design team has the knowledge and capabilities to provide you with the right option for your school.

Get started with designing your school playground by getting in touch with our experts at Kidzspace today.

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