Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Warranty is in accordance with the general Warranty Schedule on Form Admin344 rev 0 Warranty 2015. Warranty does not include accidents, wear, tear, cosmetic issues, mis-use, neglect or vandalism. Warranty is valid only when correct installation and maintenance is carried out.

Warranty Summary

Playground Components Non-Coastal Coastal or near a water body
(<500m of the ocean)
Galvanised Structural steel parts Lifetime 5 years
Stainless Steel Fasteners 10 years 5 years
Floor Panels 10 years 5 years
Plastic Parts, rope, net and springs 5 years 5 years
Movable plastic and metal parts 2 years 12 months


Please note that these playground systems are modular so they may be reduced or expanded to suit a given playground size or orientation.

Playground Design

Children interact with playgrounds in different ways. The 4 modes of play are:
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Creative
  • Cognitive
Kidzspace playgrounds combine multiple modes of play where possible, giving consideration to the age group, allocated play area and budget.