Swing & Climb Paradise


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Welcome to Swing & Climb Paradise, where adventure knows no bounds on the playground! This exhilarating play area combines the best of both worlds, offering a thrilling combination of swinging and climbing activities that will leave children in awe.

Swing & Climb Paradise features a variety of swings, from classic swings to tire swings and even nest swings, allowing kids to soar through the air while developing their balance and coordination. In addition to the swinging fun, there are climbing walls, nets, and ropes that challenge children to reach new heights and test their physical abilities.

With Swing & Climb Paradise, your playground becomes an adventurous haven where children can swing, climb, and explore, all while building strength, confidence, and friendships. Elevate your play space with Swing & Climb Paradise, a dynamic addition that guarantees hours of active, imaginative, and exhilarating play for kids of all ages!

Additional information

Fall Height

1.40 m

Key Age Group

5+ years

Safety Zone

5.30 x 4.45 m


2.30 x 1.45 m


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