Sky Trail Rope Climber

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This curved arch net features an innovative design, combining the challenge of a climbing net with the excitement of rock climbing panels. Suspended vertically underneath are sturdy vertical steppers, adding an extra dimension to the fun.

The Sky Trail Rope Climber is the perfect playground addition to inspire active play, encourage physical development, and foster a sense of adventure in children. Whether they’re navigating the arch net, conquering the rock climbing panels, or braving the vertical steppers, young adventurers will be engaged and thrilled throughout their journey.

Bring the joy of climbing and exploration to your playground with the Sky Trail Rope Climber, where the sky’s the limit for fun and discovery!

Additional information

Fall Height

2.00 m

Key Age Group

5+ years

Safety Zone

7.00 x 4.80 m


4.00 x 1.80 m


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