Woodland Heights


Woodland Heights Enchantment: Step into the enchanting world of Woodland Heights, an architectural masterpiece by Kidzspace Playgrounds. This captivating structure reimagines the essence of the Woodland Slide Tower, magnifying its allure with the presence of two intertwined towers. Both stand tall, each echoing tales of forest adventures and offering unique vantage points for young explorers.

Linking the two towers is a grand bridge on the topmost floor, serving as both a meeting point and a gateway to shared adventures. Children can traverse between the towers, making choices, forging new paths, and experiencing the thrill of different descents. Overseeing these delightful escapades from their lofty spots are our signature woodland elves, infusing every moment with wonder and whimsy.

Dual Adventures Amidst the Trees: At Kidzspace Playgrounds, we aim to bring imaginative tales to life. Woodland Heights encapsulates this vision, offering a doubled realm of exploration and fun. As children climb, cross, and slide, they’re immersed in a world of shared experiences, creating stories, and treasuring the magic of woodland adventures multiplied by two.


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