Vertical Thrills



Vertical Thrills – The Climber’s Paradise: Conquer new heights and experience adrenaline-filled adventures with “Vertical Thrills”, a masterful creation from Kidzspace Playgrounds. Tailored for those with a passion for ascending, this playground embodies the spirit of mountaineering, melding both the challenges and joys of climbing within its intricate design.

At the heart of “Vertical Thrills” lies a meticulously designed rope wall, a meshwork of challenges where every rope is a new path waiting to be mastered. Adjacently, three robust climbing pillars rise, each uniquely crafted to provide varied challenges, ensuring climbers of all levels find their match. Complementing these central features, a series of climbing bars offers both novice and adept climbers the chance to test their agility, strength, and perseverance.

Scale the Peaks of Fun and Adventure: “Vertical Thrills” by Kidzspace Playgrounds isn’t just a playground; it’s a vertical journey that beckons young adventurers to strive, to reach, and to surpass. Here, the joy isn’t just in reaching the top, but in every handgrip, every foothold, and every challenge conquered. Immerse yourself in the world of climbing and let your aspirations soar as high as your climbs!

Additional information

Fall Height

2.00 m

Key Age Group

5+ years

Safety Zone

8.50 x 5.40 m


4.50 x 1.40 m


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