Turtle Tilter


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Step into a playful world of adventure with our Turtle Tilter, a standalone play component that brings a piece of the vibrant wilderness to your playground. Shaped like an endearing turtle, it stands as an irresistible attraction, beckoning children to climb on for a fun-filled, twisting journey.

With the Turtle Tilter, every play session becomes a delightful escapade into the heart of a virtual jungle. Balanced on a reliable spring, this enchanting turtle comes alive with every tilt and turn, offering a sense of motion that fascinates both the body and the imagination. It’s more than a play ride—it’s an engaging experience that enhances balance, coordination, and an appreciation for the wonders of wildlife.

The real charm of the Turtle Tilter lies in its independent allure. It complements any existing playground setup, serving as an engaging, interactive supplement that children find hard to resist. It’s a wonderful way to encourage outdoor play and stimulate young imaginations, setting the stage for countless adventures and wildlife-themed tales.

Investing in the Turtle Tilter is about more than just adding to your playground—it’s about creating a stimulating environment that inspires a love for nature and active play. This delightful playground component is more than a whimsical turtle—it’s a tilting gateway into a world of imaginative play and physical activity. Invite a touch of the wild into your playground with the Turtle Tilter today, and witness the sparks of joy and laughter it ignites!

Additional information

Fall Height

0.44 m

Key Age Group

3+ years

Safety Zone

3.75 x 3.40 m


0.75 x 0.40 m


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