Turn Piano Panel

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Introducing the Turn Piano Panel, a musical marvel designed to ignite the creativity and passion for music in children! This interactive panel features a cranking mechanism that, when turned, produces enchanting tunes and melodies. The Turn Piano Panel not only offers a delightful auditory experience but also encourages kids to engage their fine motor skills and explore the world of music.

Children can immerse themselves in the joy of creating beautiful sounds, learning rhythm, and fostering their musical talents with the Turn Piano Panel as their musical companion. Watch as young maestros spin the crank and embark on a musical journey filled with harmony and delight. Bring the magic of music to your playground with the Turn Piano Panel, a captivating and educational addition that will inspire young musicians to compose their own symphonies!

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Fall Height

Key Age Group

4yrs +


0.39L x 0.16W x 0.39H m


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