Turn Animal Panel

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Welcome to the Turn Animal Panel, a delightful addition to your playground that brings the wonders of the animal kingdom to life! This interactive panel features a cranking mechanism that, when turned, produces a captivating array of animal noises and sounds. Children can embark on an auditory adventure as they explore the world of wildlife and mimic the calls of their favorite creatures.

The Turn Animal Panel not only entertains but also encourages kids to engage their fine motor skills and learn about different animals and their unique vocalizations. Watch as young explorers spin the crank and immerse themselves in a symphony of nature’s voices, fostering their curiosity and creativity. With the Turn Animal Panel as their guide, children can discover the magic of the animal kingdom right on the playground, creating a harmonious and educational play experience like no other!

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Fall Height

Key Age Group

4yrs +


0.39H x 0.16W x 0.39H m


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