Toadstool Keep



Toadstool Keep – A Tiny Tale of Enchantment: Dive into a storybook setting with “Toadstool Keep” from Kidzspace Playgrounds, where the whimsy of the mushroom forest meets the charm of our smurf-like inhabitants. Tailored for the littlest adventurers, this playground is a perfect blend of fairytale wonder and age-appropriate design, ensuring every toddler’s safety while they let their imaginations roam free.

Nestled amidst the magical mushroom backdrop, a set of gentle stairs leads the young explorers to the peak of their adventure—a delightful slide designed with the tiniest users in mind. As they glide down, their laughter resonates with the tales of the smurf-like characters illustrated on the interactive panels nearby. These panels not only keep the young minds engaged but also nurture their inquisitiveness, as they navigate through simple puzzles, mazes, and delightful stories of the toadstool kingdom.

Embark on a Pint-sized Adventure: “Toadstool Keep” isn’t just another playground; it’s a chapter from a toddler’s own fairy tale. As they step, slide, and touch, they’re not just playing—they’re living the adventures of a magical world. So, let your little one join the Kidzspace Playgrounds story, where every playtime is a page from their very own enchanted book.

Additional information

Fall Height


Key Age Group

3+ years

Safety Zone

6.00 x 6.50 m


2.57 x 2.65 m


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