The Colossal Tusker



The Colossal Tusker Experience: Introducing “The Colossal Tusker”, a majestic masterpiece meticulously crafted by Kidzspace Playgrounds. Towering with grandeur, this playground captures the magnificence of the mighty elephant, bringing the essence of the African savannah right into the heart of playtime. Made with intricacy and attention to detail, The Colossal Tusker isn’t just a playground—it’s an awe-inspiring monument to nature’s most majestic creature.

Journey within, and young explorers will find themselves immersed in a labyrinthine world reminiscent of the vastness of the elephant’s body. With walls to scale, floors to cross, roofs overhead, and intriguing crawl spaces to navigate, the interior offers a unique blend of fun and challenge. As they venture through, the echoing joy of discovery awaits them: grand slides that whisk them away from the elephant’s head and tail, giving them the thrilling experience of a swift descent amidst roars of laughter.

Embark on a Safari Adventure: With The Colossal Tusker, Kidzspace Playgrounds has seamlessly blended the magic of wildlife with the thrill of playground adventure. Every inch of this monumental structure beckons children to explore, imagine, and experience the wonders of the wild. As they navigate the insides, or glide down the slides, children aren’t just playing—they are embarking on a safari, taming the wilderness, and creating tales of epic adventures. In this unique play-space, the spirit of the elephant reigns supreme, making every moment monumental.

Additional information

Fall Height

3.70 m

Key Age Group

5+ years

Safety Zone

22.00 x 7.80 m


17.00 x 3.80 m


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