Spring Step


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Spring Step – Urban Athletic Arena: Dive into an urban jungle of kinetic challenges with “Spring Step”, a contemporary brainchild from Kidzspace Playgrounds. Tailored for those with a zest for action and a thirst for urban athleticism, this street workout playground seamlessly blends obstacle course dynamics with the energizing bounce of springboard platforms.

As participants navigate the course, they’re met with an array of springboard platforms, each offering varying levels of resistance and rebound. These spring steps provide a unique twist, demanding precise timing, balance, and core strength as one leaps from one board to the next, or uses them to gain momentum for the next obstacle. The result is an engaging workout experience that is as exhilarating as it is beneficial.

Concrete Jungle Gym: With Spring Step, Kidzspace Playgrounds elevates the essence of urban athleticism. This isn’t just a playground—it’s a training ground for budding athletes, parkour enthusiasts, and those looking to combine play with intense physical activity. Here, the streets meet the gym, every spring is a test of agility, and every obstacle conquered is a testament to determination and strength. Whether you’re aiming to beat personal records or just seeking a dynamic playtime, Spring Step stands ready to challenge, excite, and inspire

Additional information

Fall Height

0.63 m

Key Age Group

7+ years

Safety Zone

6.95 x 4.80 m


3.90 x 1.82 m


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