Spider Rope Climber

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Introducing the Spider Rope Climber, where adventure takes the shape of a fascinating arachnid-inspired playground! This unique rope climbing structure mimics the form of a friendly spider, featuring eight large spider legs suspended from the top for an extraordinary visual experience that will captivate young explorers.

The Spider Rope Climber offers more than just a thrilling climb – it also boasts a slide from the top of the climber, adding an extra element of excitement to playtime. Kids can ascend the spider’s web-like ropes, conquer the heights, and then zip down the slide for a rush of adrenaline and endless fun.

With the Spider Rope Climber, your playground transforms into a world of imaginative play, physical activity, and adventure. It’s an engaging addition that encourages children to develop their motor skills, conquer new challenges, and make cherished memories. Spin a web of excitement and laughter on your playground with the Spider Rope Climber today!

Additional information

Fall Height

1.00 m

Key Age Group

5+ years

Safety Zone

11.40 x 8.80 m


7.40 x 4.80 m


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