Soccer Sphere Nexus


Soccer Sphere Nexus Showcase: Step onto the pitch of imagination with the Soccer Sphere Nexus, a groundbreaking creation brought to you by Kidzspace Playgrounds. Ingeniously designed to echo the iconic facets of a soccer ball, this mammoth structure emerges as a confluence of passion for the sport and the wonders of modern architecture. Each segment of the sphere pays homage to the pentagons and hexagons of a traditional soccer ball, while the steel framework builds a magnificent geometric playground.

The heart of the Soccer Sphere is an intricate network of robust netting, reminiscent of goal nets, inviting young enthusiasts to clamber, explore, and imagine grand matches in the arena’s vast expanse. Offering an exciting escape from this football-themed labyrinth are two sizable enclosed slides, transforming the joy of scoring a goal into the thrill of a swift descent.

Where Sport Meets Playground Artistry: At Kidzspace Playgrounds, we’re re-envisioning play with an innovative twist. The Soccer Sphere Nexus stands as a testament to this mission, intertwining the world’s most beloved sport with playground innovation. Children aren’t just playing here; they’re living their soccer dreams, weaving tales of legendary matches, and appreciating a unique blend of sport and play. Each moment within the Soccer Sphere Nexus is a celebration of football, adventure, and unparalleled creativity.

Additional information

Key Age Group

5+ years

Fall Height



13.5L x 10.5W x 10.5Hm

Safety Zone

17.5L x 14.5W


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