Sky Cradle Basket


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Experience the joy of free, open-air swinging with our Sky Cradle Basket Swing! This innovative design marries fun and accessibility, providing a safe, exhilarating playtime experience for children of all abilities.

Suspended from two separate poles, the Sky Cradle offers a secure, yet immersive swinging sensation. The limited swing radius ensures safety while still allowing children to experience the thrill of movement and flight. Its spacious basket design promotes social interaction, accommodating multiple riders and facilitating shared play experiences.

But the Sky Cradle isn’t just about fun – it’s a gateway to enhanced coordination, balance, and physical confidence. Constructed with durable materials and designed with the highest safety standards, it’s a trusty addition to any playground, bringing smiles, laughter, and precious memories.


Additional information


2.5L x 1W x 1.5H m

Safety Zone

2.6L x 3W m

Key Age Group

3yrs +

Fall Height



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