Rustic Retreat

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Experience Rustic Retreat: The Eco Play Range Playground

Unleash the spirit of nature and play with Rustic Retreat. This captivating playground blends traditional play with a modern twist. Made from timber, stainless steel, and HDPE plastic, its orange and yellow hues create a vibrant appeal.

Key Features:

  1. Bridge and Platform Connection: Traverse the bridge between two platforms, adding excitement to the play experience.
  2. Dual Slides: Enjoy thrilling rides with two slides, guaranteeing endless fun.
  3. Multiple Climbing Walls: Challenge young climbers with various walls that promote physical activity.
  4. Durability and Safety: Built to last, with non-slip surfaces, rounded edges, and reliable support.
  5. Eco-Friendly Design: Embrace sustainability with timber and recycled HDPE plastic components.
  6. Engaging Aesthetics: Vibrant colors and a fusion of traditional and modern design elements.

Create a haven of imagination and fun with Rustic Retreat. Ideal for educational institutions, parks, or backyards, this playground inspires joy, physical activity, and a connection with nature. Invest in the ultimate play destination and make lasting memories.

Additional information

Fall Height


Key Age Group

5+ years

Safety Zone

8.9 x 8.7 m


4.9 x 4.7 m


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