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Rocking Rocker – Bounce & Balance Playground: Embark on a whimsical adventure with the “Rocking Rocker” from Kidzspace Playgrounds. This innovative kids’ rocker takes the classic design to new heights, featuring three platforms with springs that add an extra layer of fun, offering children a unique and exhilarating experience.

Children can take their seats on the “Rocking Rocker” and enjoy the thrill of bouncing, as the sturdy springs beneath each platform respond to their movements. The trio of seats encourages cooperative play and teamwork, as kids work together to create a harmonious and rhythmic rocking motion. It’s not just a ride; it’s a chance to balance, cooperate, and share boundless fun.

Triple the Fun, Triple the Bounce: Kidzspace Playgrounds’ “Rocking Rocker” is more than just a rocker; it’s a playground for building friendships, enhancing coordination, and celebrating the pure joy of bouncing. As children join in the fun, they’re not just rocking; they’re creating connections, practicing teamwork, and experiencing the thrill of bouncing in unison. So gather your friends, take a seat, and get ready for a rocking adventure that’s as delightful as it is memorable.

Additional information

Fall Height

0.50 m

Key Age Group

3+ years

Safety Zone

5.40 x 4.00 m


2.40 x 1.00 m


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