Rabbit Rumble


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Rabbit Rumble Wonderland: Welcome to “Rabbit Rumble”, an extraordinary play universe envisioned and brought to life by Kidzspace Playgrounds. Embracing the delightful and curious nature of the rabbit, this grand playground captures the essence of a burrow, allowing children to dive deep into the world of these endearing creatures. Intricately designed, Rabbit Rumble stands as a testament to the playful and inquisitive nature of childhood, resonating with the spirit of adventure.

Step inside, and little explorers are greeted by a warren of wonders. From the spacious belly of the rabbit, passages lead to three exhilarating slides, each promising a unique thrill as they mimic the playful hops of our furry friends. But that’s not all! The exterior of this massive rabbit is adorned with interactive panels, encouraging hands-on exploration and igniting the spark of curiosity. Every touch, twist, and turn on these panels unveil delightful secrets, mirroring the enchanting world of the rabbit.

A Hopping Great Adventure: Kidzspace Playgrounds, with Rabbit Rumble, has created more than just a play-space; it’s a narrative of nature, exploration, and unbridled joy. Children are not merely sliding or climbing; they’re embarking on a whimsical journey, discovering the mysteries of the rabbit kingdom. As they weave through the interiors or engage with the interactive panels, each child becomes part of an ever-evolving story—one filled with laughter, learning, and leaps into the world of imagination.

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Fall Height

4.50 m

Key Age Group

5+ years

Safety Zone

29.00 x 15.20 m


22.00 x 8.90 m


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