Quad Cube


Quad Cube Odyssey: Introducing the Quad Cube Odyssey, a pinnacle of innovative design from Kidzspace Playgrounds. Rising majestically with its four-tiered cube structure, this playground invites young adventurers to scale new heights and explore multiple dimensions of fun. Each cube is a step towards the sky, with spaces tailored to ignite imagination at every level.

Adjacent to this grand spectacle is its charming counterpart—a three-cube tower that, although smaller, holds its own allure. While the primary tower offers two slide experiences—a gentle descent for the budding explorer and a more dramatic one for the thrill-seeker—the secondary tower presents a singular, smooth slide journey, perfect for those seeking a swift adventure.

Elevate, Explore, and Slide: At Kidzspace Playgrounds, we craft playgrounds that inspire. The Quad Cube Odyssey is a testament to this spirit, offering a unique blend of vertical exploration and sliding exhilaration. As children transition between the two towers, they’re not just moving from one play point to another; they’re journeying between challenges, mastering heights, and cherishing the thrill of the wind rushing past as they slide. Every climb, every descent, promises an odyssey of joy and achievement.

Additional information

Fall Height

1.00 m

Key Age Group

5+ years

Safety Zone

21.90 x 13.90 m


17.90 x 9.90 m


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