Prairie Playtime

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Welcome to the Prairie Playtime Playground – an exciting fusion of natural aesthetics and modern design!

Our playground seamlessly blends into its environment, with a carefully curated palette of materials including timber, HDPE plastic, and stainless steel that evoke the beautiful simplicity of the prairie itself. Sleek, modern, and durable, the Prairie Playtime Playground promises countless hours of safe and imaginative play.

The centerpiece of our playground is a dynamic structure featuring three platforms, ingeniously connected by two distinct bridges. For our adventurous explorers, the thrill of navigating across the rope bridge awaits, while the solidly built fixed bridge provides a reliable pathway for those more careful adventurers.

Three different climbing entry points offer varied challenges for kids of all abilities, inviting them to test their skills and resilience. Every climb is rewarded with the ultimate joy of sliding down one of the two separate slides – a sleek stainless steel slide for the thrill-seekers and a gentle HDPE plastic slide for those preferring a more mellow ride.

Designed with a deep respect for the natural world and a forward-thinking perspective, the Prairie Playtime Playground isn’t just a place to play—it’s a place to learn, grow, and connect with the great outdoors.

Additional information

Fall Height


Key Age Group

5yrs +

Safety Zone

10.5 x 9.5m


7L x 6W x 3.6H m


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