Playtime Palace

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Welcome to Playtime Palace, the crown jewel of the EcoPlay series! Crafted meticulously from sustainably sourced timber, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, and resilient stainless steel, this playground is not only environmentally friendly but also designed to withstand the rigors of enthusiastic play.

Stretching over three dynamic levels, Playtime Palace offers an enthralling mix of physical challenge and creative play. At the heart of the playground, you’ll find an adventurous rope bridge, fostering balance and confidence as children traverse from one level to the next. This bridge offers a unique experience as it allows youngsters to view their friends from a higher vantage point, creating a sense of exploration and excitement.

Playtime Palace features two joyous slides, each offering a different experience – one provides a thrilling, swift descent, while the other offers a gentler, wavy glide to the ground, making it perfect for younger adventurers.

The two climbing walls, sculpted with various grips and footholds, invite children to ascend the playground’s lofty heights. These walls not only ignite the thrill of adventure but also promote strength, coordination, and problem-solving skills as children strategize the best path to the top.

The balancing steps add an extra dimension to the playtime experience. Shaped in an assortment of sizes, they challenge kids to master their balance and coordination while hopping from one step to another, adding a fun touch of obstacle course energy to their play.

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Fall Height


Safety Zone

10.3 x 9.6m


7.3L x 5.6W x 3.6H m


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