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Playful Seesaw – Teamwork in Action: Experience the joy of shared play with the “Playful Seesaw” by Kidzspace Playgrounds. This seesaw features two seats on each side, complete with legs and hand braces, promoting cooperative play, teamwork, and memorable moments of laughter.

As children take their seats on the “Playful Seesaw,” they’ll find themselves in a unique seesaw experience. The incorporation of hand braces and legs adds an extra layer of fun and safety, ensuring that children can enjoy the ride together while staying secure. This seesaw encourages balance, coordination, and cooperation, as children work in tandem to create a harmonious seesaw motion.

Play, Balance, and Bond: Kidzspace Playgrounds’ “Playful Seesaw” is more than just a seesaw; it’s an opportunity for children to build connections, enhance their physical skills, and celebrate the rewards of shared play. As kids cooperate and ride the seesaw together, they’re not just having fun; they’re forming friendships and creating lasting memories. So take your seats, gather your friends, and get ready for a seesaw adventure that’s as playful as it is heartwarming.

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Fall Height

0.60 m

Key Age Group

3+ years

Safety Zone

6.10 x 3.50 m


3.10 x 0.50 m


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