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Playful Hanging – Carousel of Flight: Step into a world of aerial adventure with “Playful Hanging,” an imaginative carousel designed by Kidzspace Playgrounds. This captivating carousel allows children to hang on and spin, inviting them to experience the thrill of flight and shared play.

As children take their positions on “Playful Hanging,” they’ll feel like they’re soaring through the air. This carousel’s unique design lets kids hang on to handles as they spin, creating an exhilarating sensation of flight. It’s a playground attraction that encourages cooperation, coordination, and teamwork, as they work together to keep the carousel in motion, adding an extra layer of excitement to their playtime.

Soar, Spin, and Share the Fun: Kidzspace Playgrounds’ “Playful Hanging” is more than just a carousel; it’s an opportunity for children to build connections, refine their motor skills, and celebrate the joy of shared play. As kids hang on and spin together, they’re not just enjoying the ride; they’re forming friendships and creating delightful memories. So take hold, partner up, and get ready for a carousel adventure that’s as playful as it is uplifting.

Additional information

Fall Height

2.25 m

Key Age Group

6+ years

Safety Zone

4.50 x 4.50 m


1.50 Diameter


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