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The Forest Otway playground is an attractive destination with a variety of challenges that draws children in with its open net tunnel for sliding and climbing. The use of limited plastic and neutral colors helps it blend into the natural surroundings. Children can develop important skills such as climbing, hanging, crawling, and sliding in a fun and enjoyable way. The monkey bars increase upper body strength and promote cross-patterning in the brain. The see-through net tunnel tests a child’s sense of balance and space as they move across it, adding excitement and a sense of height. The double slide allows for racing and the timber roof and palm tree design make children feel like they are playing in a tree-filled environment.

Fun fact: The Great Otway National Park, where the playground is located, is part of an ancient Indigenous landscape stretching from Torquay to the hinterland along the renowned Great Ocean Road. It’s a stunning area to explore.

Additional information

Key Age Group

3yrs +

Fall Height


Safety Zone

10.6L x 8.2W m


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