Oceanic Hideout


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Oceanic Hideout Voyage: Dive into the maritime wonders of “Oceanic Hideout”, a seafaring spectacle crafted with precision and passion by Kidzspace Playgrounds. Channeling the allure of deep-sea mysteries and the adventures of legendary mariners, Oceanic Hideout stands as a beacon of exploration and play. Its silhouette, slightly more compact yet no less magnificent than Shipwreck Island, beckons young sailors to embark on a journey through waves of excitement and discovery.

Stepping aboard, little adventurers are greeted by a deck that holds the echoes of countless oceanic tales. The wooden planks, worn by imagined tides, and the grand slides, reminiscent of cascading waves, promise countless hours of fun and frolic. While it might lack the interactive panels, its charm lies in its simplicity, offering a canvas for children to paint their own tales of treasure hunts, mermaid encounters, and battles with sea monsters.

Sail the Seas of Fantasy: With Oceanic Hideout, Kidzspace Playgrounds has crafted an ode to the timeless magic of the ocean and its myriad tales. Here, every child is a captain, every game a new voyage, and every laugh a splash in the boundless sea of imagination. The hideout isn’t just a place to play, it’s a realm where dreams set sail, and adventures await just beyond the horizon.

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Fall Height

2.21 m

Key Age Group

5+ years

Safety Zone

15.50 x 9.00 m


12.00 x 5.10 m


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