Obstacle Rope Climber


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Introducing the Obstacle Rope Climber – a dynamic and customizable rope climbing system that inspires adventure and physical challenges! This innovative structure is designed to engage children in a thrilling journey of balance, climbing, crawling, and stretching as they conquer each exciting obstacle.

The Obstacle Rope Climber offers endless possibilities for fun and fitness. Its customizable design and color options allow you to create a unique and inviting play space that suits your preferences and surroundings. As children navigate this dynamic course, they enhance their physical skills, boost confidence, and stimulate their imaginations. Whether in a backyard, park, or playground, the Obstacle Rope Climber is where young adventurers embark on a journey of discovery, one obstacle at a time. Ignite the spirit of adventure and create lasting memories with the Obstacle Rope Climber – a world of challenges and excitement awaits!

Additional information

Fall Height


Key Age Group

5+ years

Safety Zone

26 x 12 m


22 x 8 m


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