Net Ninja Rope Climber

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Welcome to the Net Ninja Rope Climber, where young adventurers can unleash their inner ninja on an exciting and customizable playground obstacle course! This thrilling play space is designed to challenge kids in a variety of ways, including balancing, crawling, climbing, and weaving their way through a series of intricate rope obstacles.

The Net Ninja Rope Climber offers endless opportunities for fun and skill development. With customizable design options that allow you to create a unique and visually appealing play environment, it’s perfect for any setting, whether in a backyard, park, or playground. As children navigate this dynamic course, they enhance their physical abilities, build confidence, and ignite their imaginations. Prepare for an adventure where every obstacle becomes a chance to showcase their ninja skills and conquer new challenges. The Net Ninja Rope Climber is the ultimate destination for young thrill-seekers who are ready to test their agility, strength, and determination while having a blast

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Fall Height


Key Age Group

5+ years

Safety Zone

18 x 11 m


14 x 7 m


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