Meteor Curiosity

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Meteor Curiosity – Galactic Play Expedition: Embark on a stellar journey of wonder with “Meteor Curiosity”, a galactic creation sculpted with passion by Kidzspace Playgrounds. Drawing from the mystique of deep-space meteors and the awe of uncharted alien territories, this playground acts as a space capsule, capturing the vastness and intrigue of the universe within its design.

Dominating this cosmic setup is an imposing dual-lane slide, where young space cadets can indulge in side-by-side descents, mimicking the rush of racing through meteor showers. Adjacently, a cozier tube slide offers a more serene voyage, reminiscent of traveling through a wormhole, each twist and turn a new space mystery to unravel. But the exploration doesn’t end with slides. A specially designed seat, perfect for stargazing and interstellar contemplation, awaits weary travelers. Climbing bars, fashioned to resemble alien structures, challenge the strength and dexterity of all who dare to scale them, ensuring the adventure continues.

A Universe of Possibilities: Kidzspace Playgrounds’ “Meteor Curiosity” is more than just a play space; it’s a vessel for dreams and discovery. As children slide, climb, and sit to gaze at imagined constellations, they’re transported to galaxies far away, embracing the endless wonder of the cosmos. Dive deep into exploration and let your cosmic curiosity run wild with every play session.

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Fall Height

1.53 m

Key Age Group

5+ years

Safety Zone

11.20 x 9.00 m


7.20 x 5.00 m


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