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Discover the joy of play with the “Melaleuca Forest Playground”, a vibrant and diverse playset that children of all ages will adore. Bursting with bright colours and packed with a range of play features, this playground is a hub of fun, learning, and social interaction.

Featuring four thrilling slides, the Melaleuca Forest Playground offers multiple play areas, ensuring there’s something for every child. The lower level houses a socializing space complete with musical drums and a bench seat, providing a perfect spot for creative play and restful moments.

The playground’s lively colour palette enhances its appeal, inviting children to explore and engage. Yet, despite its vibrant appearance, the design of the Melaleuca Forest Playground is thoughtfully crafted to be environmentally friendly and to harmonize with the surrounding nature.

In essence, the Melaleuca Forest Playground is more than just a playset. It’s a celebration of fun, a space for learning, and a place for community. Bring home the Melaleuca Forest Playground today and let the fun begin!

Additional information

Key Age Group

5+ years

Fall Height

1.53 m

Safety Zone

9.7 x 9.5m


5.7 x 5.5 x 4.2m


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