Maze Grid Panel


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Welcome to the Maze Grid Panel, where young adventurers can unlock the secrets of a captivating labyrinth right on the playground! This interactive panel is designed to challenge children’s problem-solving skills and stimulate their curiosity. With its intricate maze design, kids can navigate through twists and turns, seeking the path to the ultimate solution.

The Maze Grid Panel not only provides an engaging puzzle but also fosters cognitive development as children strategize and plan their way through the maze. Watch as young explorers immerse themselves in the challenge, unlocking the mysteries within the Maze Grid Panel while honing their critical thinking abilities. Elevate your playground with the Maze Grid Panel, an educational and exciting addition that encourages young minds to explore and conquer every twist and turn!

Additional information

Fall Height

Key Age Group

5+ years


1.17L x 0.17W x 1.2H m


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