Welcome to the “Forest Karawatha Playground”, a tribute to the Karawatha Forest of Queensland – the most extensive expanse of open eucalypt bushland in South East Queensland. This compact playground is a treasure trove of interactive elements that stimulate both physical activity and imaginative play, promising hours of fun and adventure.

Designed with three entry points, the Forest Karawatha Playground caters to a range of climbing abilities, making it an engaging play space for children of various ages. The climber, featuring numerous hand and foot holes, encourages problem-solving and fosters cross-coordination skills, offering both a challenge and a learning opportunity.

Upon conquering the climb, children will find themselves standing under a canopy, ready to enjoy a thrilling ride down the slide to the ground. It’s not just a quick exit, but a moment of exhilaration that will have them climbing back up for more.

Underneath the playground lies an open space perfect for games of hide-and-seek or simply a moment of quiet play. Children can take a breather on the integrated seat or engage with the interactive ball panel, adding yet another layer of fun to their playtime.

In essence, the Forest Karawatha Playground isn’t just a playground, but a mini adventure park. It’s a space that promotes play, encourages learning, and sparks imagination.

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Additional information

Key Age Group

4yrs +

Safety Zone

9 x 7.5 m


5.6L x 4.9W x 3.9H m


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