Presenting the “Kakadu Playground”, a multi-storey marvel inspired by the splendour of the Australian Kakadu forest. This impressive playset is a feast for the eyes with its vibrant colours of orange, purple, and green, mirroring the lush hues of the forest it’s named after.

The Kakadu Playground boasts an array of six slides, each differing in height and shape. These features bring a thrilling mix of speed and surprise, keeping your young adventurers entertained and engaged. They’ll relish the rush of excitement as they slide down from varying heights, eager for the next go!

Designed with multiple storeys, the Kakadu Playground provides the unique experience of running through the treetops. As your children dash up and down through each level, they’ll immerse themselves in a world of high-flying adventure and exploration, all within the safety and convenience of play space.

The Kakadu Playground isn’t just a playset, it’s a journey through an Australian forest, a dash through the treetops, and a thrilling ride down a variety of slides. It’s a world of fun, adventure, and learning, designed to stimulate your child’s imagination and physical development.

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Additional information

Fall Height


Key Age Group

5yrs +

Safety Zone

15.4 x 13.1 m


11.4L x 8.9W x 5.2H m


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