Incline Wall Dash


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Incline Wall Dash – Ascent Challenge: Discover a whole new world of vertical excitement with “Incline Wall Dash”, a revolutionary design by Kidzspace Playgrounds. Pushing the envelope of traditional play structures, this masterpiece features a distinctively angled wall, beckoning young thrill-seekers to test their speed, agility, and courage. More than just a wall, it’s a dynamic race against gravity and time.

Children are drawn to the challenge, readying themselves at the base and then dashing up the incline, feeling the unique interplay of momentum and resistance. Whether they’re sprinting straight up, zigzagging for added challenge, or racing friends to the top, “Incline Wall Dash” guarantees heart-pounding fun. The wall is not only about speed but also strategy; choosing the right path and maintaining balance are key.

Elevate Every Adventure: Kidzspace Playgrounds’ “Incline Wall Dash” is a testament to the belief that playgrounds can be both challenging and immensely fun. Here, kids aren’t just playing—they’re competing, learning, and pushing their limits. Every attempt, whether successful or a tumble, is a lesson in perseverance, strategy, and the joys of movement. Prepare to be captivated, as the usual play transforms into an electrifying dash towards the skies!

Additional information

Fall Height

0.60 m

Key Age Group

7+ years

Safety Zone

5.90 x 4.70 m


2.90 x 1.68 m


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