Harmonious Oasis


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Harmonious Oasis – Music’s Grand Playground: Step into a world where music meets play, as Kidzspace Playgrounds proudly presents “Harmonious Oasis”. This enchanting ensemble, larger and richer than its counterpart, weaves the magic of melodies into every nook, turning every moment into a euphonic experience that leaves kids and adults alike in awe.

Dominating the vast expanse of “Harmonious Oasis” is an expansive tube slide, echoing the intricate harmonies of an orchestra with every joyous descent. Accompanying this, a sturdier and grander slide caters to the more adventurous souls, letting them dive into the depths of musical euphoria. But the magic doesn’t stop there. Musical-themed panels that inspired wonder in its predecessor return grander, educating while stirring the innate curiosity for music in young minds. Adding a fresh note to this musical saga, climbing panels interwoven with musical symbols and notes challenge the kids physically, enhancing their motor skills while subtly infusing the love for tunes.

An Epic Melodious Adventure Awaits: Dive into “Harmonious Oasis” and let the rhythms of fun, learning, and adventure take over. It’s more than just a playground; it’s a musical universe where every step, slide, and climb brings to life the enchanting world of sounds and symphonies. Discover, play, and create your own musical story with Kidzspace Playgrounds.

Additional information

Fall Height

1.20 m

Key Age Group

5+ years

Safety Zone

13.70 x 9.50 m


10.20 x 6.00 m


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