Green Canopy Huge


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Welcome to Green Canopy Huge, a sprawling and enchanting playground that immerses young adventurers in the age-old charm of a lush forest! This magnificent play space is a testament to nature’s beauty, featuring a colossal trio slide and a delightful array of playful panels that promise endless fun and exploration.

Green Canopy Huge invites children to step into a world of forest wonder within its expansive and captivating design. The towering trio slide offers exhilarating descents, while the whimsical panels ignite creativity and laughter at every turn. Perfect for young explorers seeking an immersive play environment inspired by the forest’s magic, Green Canopy Huge is where the joy of nature and the thrill of play merge seamlessly. Step into the world of Green Canopy Huge, where the wonders of the forest come alive, and every day is a new adventure in the heart of nature!

Additional information

Fall Height

1.80 m

Key Age Group

5+ years

Safety Zone

13.00 x 13.50 m


8.50 x 9.30 m


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