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Welcome to the “Gondwana Playground”, a towering playset reaching an impressive height of 5.7m, packed with an extensive range of play elements that will captivate and inspire your children. This playground is a celebration of fun, challenge, and adventure, promising endless hours of active play.

At the heart of the Gondwana Playground are its diverse play features. Your little climbers will love navigating the rope tunnels, suspended steps, and ladders, fostering their agility and strength. The monkey bars offer an added layer of fun and challenge, promoting upper body strength and coordination.

The Gondwana Playground is more than a playset – it’s an adventure tower, a challenge course, and a fun factory, all in one. Its height and variety of features make it the perfect playground for children with boundless energy and curiosity.

Invest in the Gondwana Playground today and let your children’s imaginations soar as they climb, swing, and explore. It’s time to reach new heights with the Gondwana Playground

Additional information

Fall Height


Key Age Group

5yrs +

Safety Zone

16.3 x 13.2m


12.2L x 9.7W x 5.3H m


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