Galactic Gateway


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Galactic Gateway Stellar Voyage: Journey to the outer reaches of imagination with “Galactic Gateway”, a celestial wonder intricately designed by Kidzspace Playgrounds. Encompassing the awe and grandeur of space travel, Galactic Gateway majestically towers over the landscape, its dual view decks and expansive structure promising an adventure that’s truly out of this world. Grandeur than Rocket Rush, this space station beckons future spacefarers to embark on unparalleled cosmic expeditions.

Upon entering, young astronauts are immediately greeted with a choice: ascend to either of the two commanding view decks. Both platforms offer mesmerizing panoramas of the vast imagined universe, allowing explorers to chart courses to unknown galaxies, supervise space missions, or even detect a distant alien convoy. Each deck boasts its own thrilling slide, allowing for swift, exhilarating descents back to the home planet. And for those seeking a mid-space adventure, a rope bridge delicately hangs between the decks, challenging adventurers with a test of balance and bravery in zero-gravity conditions.

Beyond the Final Frontier: With Galactic Gateway, Kidzspace Playgrounds transcends the ordinary, offering a celestial playground where stars, planets, and dreams are all within arm’s reach. As children navigate between the view decks, race down the slides, or traverse the rope bridge, they’re not just playing; they’re becoming interstellar explorers, pioneers of the unknown. Here, amidst the stars, every game is a new journey, every shout a comet’s tail, and every moment a step closer to the cosmos.

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Fall Height

1.87 m

Key Age Group

5+ years

Safety Zone

13.90 x 13.00 m


9.90 x 9.00 m


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