Electronic Guitar Panel


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Introducing the Electronic Guitar Panel, where the playground becomes a stage for young Rockstar’s to shine! This interactive panel is designed to ignite a love for music with its electronic guitar sounds and melodies. With a simple touch, children can strum their way through captivating tunes, experiment with different chords, and explore the thrilling world of guitar playing.

The Electronic Guitar Panel not only entertains but also encourages children to engage their creativity and fine motor skills while discovering the joy of melodies and rhythm. Watch as young guitarists strum away and immerse themselves in the art of making music, fostering a lifelong passion for musical expression. Elevate your playground with the Electronic Guitar Panel, a melodic addition that will inspire the next generation of musicians to rock out to their own tunes!

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Fall Height

Key Age Group

5+ years


0.59L x 0.48W x 0.9H m


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