Dual Seesaw


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Dual Seesaw – Bounce & Laughter: Embrace the boundless joy of play with the “Dual Seesaw” by Kidzspace Playgrounds. This dynamic seesaw reimagines the classic design by incorporating two seats on each end, inviting young adventurers to team up with their friends for an exhilarating ride that’s guaranteed to bring giggles and smiles.

What sets the “Dual Seesaw” apart is the inclusion of large springs beneath each seat, transforming the seesaw into a bouncy thrill ride. As children work together to balance and coordinate their movements, they’ll experience a delightfully energetic bounce that adds an extra layer of fun to their seesaw adventure. Whether soaring high or gently teetering, this seesaw is all about creating memorable moments of laughter and camaraderie.

Double the Fun, Double the Bounce: Kidzspace Playgrounds’ “Dual Seesaw” is more than just a seesaw; it’s a vehicle for friendship, cooperation, and the simple joy of bouncing. As kids embark on this seesaw journey, they’re not just sharing a ride; they’re building lasting memories, practicing teamwork, and celebrating the exhilaration of play. So hop aboard, team up with a friend, and get ready for a seesaw experience filled with laughter and boundless fun.

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Fall Height

0.50 m

Key Age Group

3+ years

Safety Zone

6.10 x 3.50 m


3.10 x 0.50 m


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