Double Step


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Double Step – Dynamic Dash: Step into a realm of kinetic energy and heart-pounding action with “Double Step”, a ground-breaking creation from Kidzspace Playgrounds. Straying from the conventional horizontal, this innovative structure presents two platforms angled precisely at 45 degrees, challenging both balance and agility, while creating an arena for spirited competitions and dynamic play.

These tilted platforms invite children to dash up, run across, and race against gravity and each other. Positioned parallel and with a precisely calculated distance between them, the platforms also encourage daring leaps, offering an exhilarating sensation of airborne thrill. The design is such that kids can sprint on one, jump to the other, and then continue their exhilarating run, creating an endless loop of fun and physical activity.

Redefining Playground Adventures: Double Step, by Kidzspace Playgrounds, isn’t just a play structure—it’s a testament to innovative design and the evolution of outdoor fun. Here, every step is a dance with gravity, every jump a test of courage, and every lap a celebration of youthful energy. Dive into this unique setup and discover a whole new dimension of playground excitement. It’s not just about climbing or sliding—it’s about pushing boundaries, taking that leap, and reveling in the joy of motion.

Additional information

Fall Height

0.41 m

Key Age Group

7+ years

Safety Zone

5.69 x 4.60 m


2.69 x 1.60 m


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