Cube Tower



Cube Tower Odyssey: Welcome to the Cube Tower, a geometric marvel from Kidzspace Playgrounds, where simplicity meets exhilaration. Constructed as a trinity of stacked cubes, this structure combines modern design with classic playground fun, offering multi-level adventures that appeal to a child’s innate curiosity.

Each cube level provides its own unique vantage point, inviting children to climb higher, seek new perspectives, and immerse themselves in imaginative play. Topping off the experience are two distinct slides: one for the young and cautious, providing a gentle glide down, and another, more grand, beckoning the daring souls to embark on a swifter descent.

Modern Play with a Twist: Kidzspace Playgrounds takes pride in blending contemporary design with time-honored play essentials. The Cube Tower exemplifies this blend, offering both aesthetic appeal and dynamic play opportunities. As children navigate this multi-layered structure, they’re not merely playing—they’re engaging spatial awareness, building confidence, and fostering creativity, one cube at a time.

Additional information

Fall Height

1.00 m

Key Age Group

5+ years

Safety Zone

12.00 x 11.10 m


8.00 x 7.10 m


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