Courtly Castle


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Presenting Courtly Castle – a striking addition to our Ecoplay series. Crafted to spark imaginations, this playground transports children into a world of royalty and adventure.

Fashioned from sturdy, environmentally-friendly timber, Courtly Castle’s majestic facade proudly displays a classic castle-style pitched roof. This architectural highlight is beautifully complemented by the resilience of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic panels. Adding a touch of modernity and durability to this royal playset, a gleaming stainless steel slide promises countless exhilarating descents.

A standout feature of the Courtly Castle playground is the pair of platforms, connected by a charming drawbridge. This captivating bridge not only encourages imaginative play but also enhances balance and coordination.

The playground offers three diverse entry points, each an adventure in itself, boosting physical agility while instilling a sense of independence. Whether your child loves to climb, balance, or slide, Courtly Castle provides countless hours of entertainment.

Our Ecoplay series symbolizes a commitment to a sustainable future. Courtly Castle embodies this pledge, providing an eco-conscious choice for a durable, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing play experience.

Additional information

Key Age Group

5yrs +

Fall Height


Safety Zone

9.2 x 7.8m


5.7L x 4.8W x 4.6H m


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