Castle Courtyard XL


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Welcome to Castle Courtyard XL, an awe-inspiring tower playground that promises a majestic adventure like no other! This grandiose play space features a series of seven towering castle towers, each connected by netted catwalks, creating an intricate and thrilling play experience for young explorers.

Castle Courtyard XL invites children to embark on a royal journey through its magnificent towers. With a slide on each tower and a network of netted catwalks connecting them, this playground offers a regal blend of physical challenges and imaginative play. Perfectly suited for young adventurers, Castle Courtyard XL fosters physical activity, encourages social interaction, and ignites the spirit of imaginative exploration. Step into the world of Castle Courtyard XL, where the magic of a castle adventure comes to life, and every day is a grand royal quest!

Additional information

Fall Height

1.20 m

Key Age Group

5+ years

Safety Zone

31.10 x 23.50 m


27.10 x 19.50 m


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