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Carousel Challenge – Stand & Spin Duo: Embark on an exciting spinning adventure with the “Carousel Challenge” by Kidzspace Playgrounds. This unique carousel invites two adventurers to stand up on foot braces, promoting balance, coordination, and shared fun.

As children step onto the “Carousel Challenge,” they’ll experience the thrill of standing and spinning, a twist on the classic carousel design. With room for two, this carousel encourages cooperation and teamwork as they work together to keep the ride spinning. The foot braces provide stability and create an exciting sense of motion, making it an engaging and interactive playground attraction.

Spin, Balance, and Share Laughter: Kidzspace Playgrounds’ “Carousel Challenge” is more than just a carousel; it’s a chance for children to build connections, refine their motor skills, and celebrate the joy of shared play. As kids take their spots and spin together, they’re not just enjoying the ride; they’re forming friendships and creating wonderful memories. So hop on, partner up, and get ready for a carousel adventure that’s as challenging as it is joyful.

Additional information

Fall Height

0.46 m

Key Age Group

6+ years

Safety Zone

5.50 x 3.40 m


2.50 x 0.40 m


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