Astronaut Adventure Medium


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Welcome to Astronaut Adventure Medium, a cosmic playground designed to ignite the imagination of young space explorers on a slightly smaller scale! This captivating play space features a rocket-themed design with interactive panels, a manageable climbing arch, and smaller but equally thrilling slides, promising a space-themed adventure perfect for younger children.

Astronaut Adventure Medium invites children to embark on an interstellar journey within its cosy and imaginative design. With interactive panels that encourage curiosity and imaginative play, a manageable climbing arch that promotes physical activity, and smaller slides that provide exciting descents, this playground offers a perfect blend of cosmic fun and skill development tailored for young adventurers. Step into the world of Astronaut Adventure Medium, where every visit is a chance to set off on a space mission and create cherished memories of play in a rocket-themed wonderland!

Additional information

Fall Height

1.53 m

Key Age Group

5+ years

Safety Zone

11.40 x 8.90 m


7.40 x 4.90 m


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