Adrenaline Scape Grotto


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Welcome to the Adrenaline Scape Grotto, the ultimate playground designed exclusively for teenagers seeking exhilarating physical challenges! Shaped like a dome, this playground is a dynamic hub of excitement, featuring an array of high-energy activities tailored to older kids. With its unique design and a plethora of engaging features, the Adrenaline Scape Grotto promises non-stop action and adventure.

Teenagers can explore this playground’s diverse elements, including challenging climbing walls, thrilling obstacles, exhilarating slides, and interactive panels. The Adrenaline Scape Grotto encourages physical development, fosters social interaction, and sparks the imagination, providing the perfect space for teens to unleash their energy and create unforgettable memories. Join in the excitement and witness young adventurers embracing the thrill of the Adrenaline Scape Grotto, their ultimate playground haven for physical prowess and boundless fun within the enchanting dome-like structure

Additional information

Fall Height

2.00 m

Key Age Group

5+ years

Safety Zone

14.00 x 11.90 m


10.50 x 8.90 m


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