Advantages of Outdoor Fitness Stations

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Think an outdoor fitness station would be a great addition to your local park, but want to understand the advantages?

In this article, we break down the advantages of an outdoor fitness station in a public space and how the team at Kidzspace can help you.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Outdoor Fitness Stations

There are many advantages to installing outdoor fitness equipment in your local park. Let’s explore this further:

Improves Physical Health & Stabilises Mood 

We all know that recent research indicates that people who exercise on a regular basis have improved physical health and are potentially happier (or at least a little less anxious) than those who don’t. Therefore, installing fitness stations in your neighbourhood will presumably make residents healthier and happier.

Provides Fresh Air

Working out is good exercise but the false temperature controls of air conditioning and heaters aren’t that great – especially in a smaller space like a gym.

Providing an option for people to work out outdoors, while still using specialist equipment like that found at a fitness precinct allows people to maintain their health and get fresh air – something they may not have access to if cooped up in an office Monday to Friday.

Saves Residents Money

Everyone is looking for ways to cut costs these days, so paying for a gym membership monthly or weekly may be something people have to let go of.

By providing a facility such as a free outdoor fitness station at your local park, you’re allowing residents to save money whilst improving their health and wellbeing.

Promotes Socialisation & Creates Community

One of the great things about gyms is the people you meet and the community that develops as a result of attending on a regular basis. This is something you can also foster by installing outdoor fitness equipment in a public space.

Invites Change of Routine

Want to appeal to those who work from home? By installing an outdoor fitness station in your neighbourhood, you give those residents somewhere to go and a way to mix up their routine on their lunch break or downtime from the humdrum of their 9 to 5 commitments.

Eco Friendly

More and more Councils and environmental groups are looking for eco-friendly facilities to install in their communities or regions. Outdoor fitness stations aren’t a drag on the environment and still provide the equipment or facilities residents need.

How Kidzspace Can Help

For over 40 years, the team at Kidzspace has specialised in outdoor play equipment and fitness stations that both children and adults  love.

Regardless of budget or individual requirements, our design team has the knowledge and capabilities to provide you with the right option for your local park.

Ready to install an outdoor fitness station near you? Get in touch with the experts at Kidzspace today to find out more.