Little Stepper


Get ready for a fun-filled adventure with Little Steppers, a playground that’s specifically designed for young children between childcare and school age. With its low-lying design and range of engaging challenges, Little Steppers provides a safe and fun environment for little learners to play, explore, and develop their physical abilities.

Featuring exciting play components such as monkey bars, island steppers, a double slide, and a forest canopy roof, Little Steppers provides endless opportunities for active play and imaginative exploration. With its vibrant colors and playful design, this playground will stimulate young minds and inspire creativity.

Experience the ultimate in safe and fun play with Little Steppers, where every child can engage in physical activity, build social skills, and let their imaginations soar. Whether they’re navigating the island steppers or zipping down the double slide, young learners will love the playful challenges and fun-filled adventures that Little Steppers offers.


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